Will you join the club?

It all started with an idea...

The idea was to create a system (aka Machine) that would allow you to make the best of the PLR products offered out there and YOU would

  • NOT have to pay for them... 
  • NOT have to use any hosting...

But YOU should be able to 

  • use them as your list builders for generating subscribers fast
  • use them as your money generators to earn decent money



The Machine Is Currently Working Full Time...

Members fill in some forms inside and get the URLs they can use

  • for adding people to their lists
  • for sending money to their pockets.

As said NO HOSTING is needed since I host everything

  • the optin pages
  • the sales pages
  • the files to be downloaded

Let's see what users of the Machine say for their experience so far:

"I have most funnel builders available and they are good. But I have delayed creating funnels for some reason or another, however, with John and the Turbo Machine, I just keep building funnels easily. It's an easy process and John is always there to help! It's been a very good experience for me.Thank You, John." Andre D. 

* * * * * * *

"Everything has come together nicely so far. It all makes sense. Thanks, John." - Michael Claasz

* * * * * * *

"In a word: Cushty" - Nick Bullimore

* * * * * * *

"Very straight forward process. I am looking forward to making money with this idea!" - Angela McKenzie

* * * * * * *

"Hey John, For me this has been a trip, to say the least. I have discovered why: 1- Most people fail online 2- I had not been able to figure this out on my own. 3- I appreciate, a lot more, someone who does know how to do this. There are so many little steps. This seems like university all over again. But, when I do understand something, it gives me a great feeling.Those "AHA!" moments make it all worthwhile. Thanks, John, I really appreciate you...I have never known anyone so patient:)" Sherwood Tucker

Here is how the Machine works:

I'm adding products that are released to the market offered with PLR, Resale & Master Resale Rights.

Most of those products can be offered as bonuses, while the upgraded packages of them can be added to a membership site.

Normally, with all the products you get with PLR you'd have to 

  • get a domain name
  • get a hosting account
  • edit the sales pages
  • edit the thank you pages
  • upload everything
  • create a funnel

...and THEN you MAY be ready to make the best use of them.

As a Machine's user, you won't need to do anything from the above.

For each product, there is  

  • an OPTIN age, where you can add your subscription form and your name
  • an OTO that upsells the related product to the subscribers that will signup with your list.

Hence, there will be 2 pages for each product.

The technology I use for automating things for you is DELAVO - the turbo way, the way I know.

And I'd like to show you some examples, so to get an idea how it works.

Let's take a PLR product that has been a hot seller, the Cryptocurrency Secrets.

Through its main package customers get the right to give away a PDF ebook.

Through its upgraded package, customers get a video series.

Both the ebook and the videos, along with all the materials that accompany the product are offered with PLR, Master Resale and Resale Rights, and their licenses allow customers (like me - and you as my member) to give away the PDF ebookebook, and sell the videos with resale or master resale rights. 

That means you and I can offer the PDF ebook for free.

That also means, YOU and I can add the videos in my club with master resale rights, so you can sell them.

What I have done is this:

Since I can deliver the products with master resale rights to MY MEMBERS, then I can also SETUP everything so MY MEMBERS can SELL the products.

Without DELAVO I'd have to do a lot.

With DELAVO (and my turbo twists) I created the Automatic Money Machine, I mentioned in the beginning.

In fact...


...because nobody else on Earth knows DELAVO better than its creator - yours truly.:)

Here is the plan:

tha plan

Let me show you an example.

Let's say there are 2 members in my club:

  • Mary Smith 
  • Jack Blacksmith

And let's say that

  • I have ordered Cryptocurrency Secrets with all rights
  • Hence I can add the product in my membership's club.
  • Hence Mary and Jack get the product with Master Resale Rights, and
  • THAT way, Mary and Jack can now BRAND the 2 pages I set up for that product: a) the lead page b) the OTO page.
  • They login to DELAVO, click and fill in their name, optin form  form (for ANY autoresponder they use) and order button (for ANY payment system they use.)
  • And then, Mary and Jack can send people to their pages.

Let's see Jack's lead page first (remember this is an example, there is no need to signup there)

JACK's LEAD PAGE - Click here to view it.

MARY's LEAD PAGE - Click here to view it.




Feel free to visit those pages:

JACK's OTO PAGE Click here to view it. 

MARY's OTO PAGE Click here to view it.

Then come back here...





You’d be.

There is not any similar system online... 



Imagine that YOU are Mary or Jack...

...and that you can use my system to

  • choose the product you want to use
  • use the lead page and send traffic to it
  • have people signing up to your list
  • have people being directed to your OTO page after their signup with your list
  • have people paying you to access the OTO's offer

See what I mean?

  • You do not need a domain name
  • You do not need hosting
  • You do not need to manually edit any page
  • You do not need to upload anything

All you need to do is login to the Machine, select the product to use and sell it.

YES, you need an autoresponder - any autoresponder, I will show you how to use some good free systems.

YES you need a system to get orders. You can use JVZoo, Paypal, Clickbank, Zaxaa.. or any other system you want; they're free to join. Or you can just use your advanced cart. Up to you

NOTICE THAT I DO NOT USE THE WORD "AFFILIATE" - because you will not be MY affiliate... You will be THE BOSS OF YOURSELF... because...

As an affiliate, you promote the free offer of Mister X, and you do not get the subscribers. Mister X does.

As an affiliate you promote the product of Mister X, you get a % of the sale as a commission, you DO NOT get the list of buyers. Mister X gets it. Here you sell a product that is YOURS and get 100% of the money + the customers' list.

But as a Machine's user:

  • You get the leads through your OPTIN page
  • You get the customers and the money through your OTO page.

See the differences?

As you can see, I am excited.:)

I'm not giving you a fish... I am going to teach you HOW TO FISH!

The Machine is not only the products you will find eventually inside. 

It's not only the mechanism to build your lists of subscribers and customers.

It's ME.

I am not selling you just the access to it.

I am selling you the knowledge, step by step instructions and the tool.

Starting from today, you will get my messages ON A DAILY BASIS where I am explaining everything.

There are many LEVELS inside the Machine.

You will start at Level 1 and I am going to teach you how to setup your first product.

I won't stop until you understand everything.

When you will verify that, then I'll ask you to proceed with Level 2 where I am teaching you more advanced techniques. 


Just re-read the testimonials above and be sure you will be thrilled too as a Machine's user!

I wish I could give you the access for free, but the products I load the Machine with, cannot be added to with rights in a free membership site, so you must "pay" in a way for being able to sell them. That's the reason you need to join the club.

I cannot offer the access to you for pennies because you will pay once and get access to all the products being added to the membership for the 3 years coming ahead. That will be the first milestone of that membership. I do not use the word "lifetime" for your access, but for as long the membership is open, you will be inside with no other charge.


You have seen similar systems that allow customers to sell products AS A RESELLERS but with the Machine, YOU WILL BE GETTING FIRST THE SUBSCRIBERS THROUGH YOUR AUTORESPONDER AND THEN YOU WILL BE USING YOUR PAYMENT SYSTEM - to get the orders AND create your BUYERS' lists.

With those other systems, you'd have to pay up to $1997.

You won't  pay $1997 here.

I may use that price when the platform is loaded with tons of products, but for today, for now, you can PRE-ORDER (THIS IS YOUR SECOND BEST CHANGE) for a one time fee of $297

Click here to join today


If you do trust my turbo brain, this will be a no-brainer for you.


EVENTUALLY, you will join this project... because there is nothing similar online and this is the BEST AND EASIEST way to start creating your lists: your subscribers' list and buyers' list.

Skip today's offer, and you can join in the future for a monthly or a higher price.

See you inside!

John Delavera


You will be able to add your own bonuses in the OTO.

  • Click here to preview "Jack's" OTO with a bonus
  • Click here to preview "Mary's" OTO page without a bonus 

Here is a screenshot that shows the difference too (Note that it's up to you if you decide to add bonuses or not. All bonuses are provided by the Machine. You have nothing to download/upload, etc)

Here are some of the bonuses just added in the Machine (You can offer them once you reach Level 2 - in about a week)


PLUS: When you reach LEVEL 2 (ie. after you will have setup your first product in the Machine) you will soon get 50% commission when promoting Turbo Machine.